Give your child with hearing loss the best support – learn how you can support and help in their everyday life

Hearing loss and development

 Research supports that hearing is essential to speech and language development, communication and learning. Children with hearing loss are at risk for developmental delays in areas of receptive and expressive communication skills. Children with hearing loss often experience learning difficulties, reduced academic achievement and difficulties with communicating and socializing with their family and peers.

Infants and children have to take specific tests such as OAE / ABR / ASSR to find out the cause of the hearing loss and the part of the ear which is affected. When receiving accurate results, they need suitable hearing aids. Once the hearing aid does not bring effective results, they must have an electronic cochlea implant.

Hearing Solutions

   Để biết nguyên nhân gây mất thính lực và bộ phận nào của Tai bị ảnh hưởng, Trẻ sơ sinh và Trẻ em cần thực hiện các cuộc xét nghiệm cụ thể như là OAE / ABR / ASSR Sau khi có kết quả kiểm tra chính xác, trẻ cần có máy trợ thính phù hợp hoặc nếu máy trợ thính không hiệu quả, trẻ phải cấy ốc tai điện tử.